Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nursery Projects!!

I am FINALLY done with my nursery, and only 32 more days until my Kinsley is here!!
So here are some updated pictures of my nursery and a few small tutorials on how I did somethings!

I got this cute birdcage 50% off at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, and bought that cute little bird to go inside of it!!

Those are some of the crosses I spray painted pink!!
That super cute bow holder I made just a few days ago!! SUPER easy!
Just bought an old frame from the resale store down the street and took out the middle in it!
Then I painted the frame blue (it was too cold outside to spray paint), and I used a stapler and stapled the chicken wire to the back of the frame!
Most of these bows just clipped on and the ones that didn't I clipped on with a clothes pin!
Here's a closer look!
Here is a picture of the diaper wreath I made for the outside of the nursery door!
If you haven't made one of these, they are super easy to make!!
Just get a wire wreath, diapers, tulle, and ribbon!
Wrap the diaper around the wreath and tie a ribbon around it!
Then I took the tool and weaved it in through each diaper, I also used the pink tulle to make the bow for the top of the wreath!!
I got the K from Hobby Lobby awhile back and just hung it by a piece of ribbon as well!
That's all the pictures I took for now! I'll upload some more later!!
I'm just glad its all coming together so perfectly!
Now I just need a little girl to put in that room!!!
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