Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guest Post!!!

Hello again Lovely Being Grown Up readers!!

I am very much excited to be blog swapping once again with the lovely Ashley!

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Truly Lovely

If you're really missing your daily dose of Ashley, you can give her a visit over at my blog today, where she's sharing a lovely tutorial of her own! :)

Today I would like to share a SUPER EASY fleece blanket tutorial with you!!

The materials needed are:

3 yards of fleece fabric

1 package of coordinating satin blanket binding

Coordinating yarn

Coordinating sewing thread


Yarn Needle


Sewing Machine


In this case I went with zebra fabric and all red coordinating materials.

First trim your fleece fabric of any uneven edges or those funky white labeled edges... You know what I'm talking about... :)

Then, using the Yarn Needle, stitch your thread down the two length sides of your fabric like so... I spaced each stitch about a half an inch apart...


Next you'll pin and trim your satin binding to the two width sides (the two shorter sides)... The binding will have a fold down the middle, simply line that fold up with the edge of your fabric, making sure it's centered so there's an even amount of binding on both sides...


Fold over the edges of the binding to make your four corners and pin those as well. You can either trim or fold the extra binding inside to make your corner.


Once you have the binding pinned onto both sides, get out the sewing machine. I used red thread to match the binding...

If you sew really well, you can use a varying color of thread for added pop!!! I don't so much... SO matching thread hides my inexperienced sewing skills. :)


Simply sew the binding to the fleece pulling pins as you go.

And TaDA!!!! A SUPER EASY fleece blanket made by you!

They make great baby gifts, or gifts for friends or family!! :)



Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!!

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Special THANKS to the WONDERFUL Miss Kassi for coming over and sharing with us today!! Everyone be sure to check out her lovely blog!!! I am posting over there today and will be over there again in the future so you should go over to her blog and become a follower so you never miss either one of us! Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Door to My Heart.. Well the Window Screen to My Heart

Happy Happy Valentines Month!! It took me FOREVER to figure out what to do for my first craft for the big American Crafters competition! But I finally figured it out!! My competitors are very very talented!! So lets hope my craft gets lots of votes:)
Window Screen
Pink and Red Acrylic Paint
I used the paper as a cutting edge! I cut a heart out of the paper and taped the paper to the Window Screen and cut it out! I cut one big heart, one middle sized heart, and one smaller heart!! 
HUGE NOTE: WEAR GLOVES! That stuff stinkin' hurts when it cuts you!  

We had ONE sunny day this week so I decided I would spray paint, and it was a MAJOR FAIL! This is when I started freaking out a little bit, since I only had like 3 days to come up with and finish my craft for this competition!
 So you need to stick with acrylic paint!! Also place the heart on something like aluminum foil so the paint sticks to the heart better!! 

So now you just let your 3 hearts dry for a bit!
Then your going to stick them all together!! I used some thick double sided tape so it gave the hearts a little 3D look! 
Then I just stuck it to the front door!!
Pretty Cute huh!?! I haven't seen anyone in bloggy world do something like this before (and if they have don't tell me haha I was proud to have come up with this on my own!)
So how do you guys like my first craft for the competition!?! Hopefully its as good as my fellow competitors! Everyone needs to head over to American Crafters and vote on your favorite craft!!
I won't pressure you to vote for me hehehe but you know I'd love your vote:)
Oh yes and if anyone was wondering.. only 25 more days until my Kinsley Mae arrives!! Hip Hip Hooray!