Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so my daddys bday was on sunday and it was kinda a rough day.
i miss him alot these days, and i found this register book online where
people had written me and it just made me more sad. but after a good nights rest i can smile and know he's watching me from heaven.
my boyfriend is amazing, he does everything for me anytime i ever ask him too, and alot of times when i don't ask. im'm so glad we are dating again.
my x boyfriend is a nut. he's being so dramatic about us breaking up STILL. its so immature, i mean grow up we are in COLLEGE. seriously.
tomorrow is my last day of school until next weeks finals and i can't wait. i'm about to watch my amazing kris allen on american idol.
until then,
ashley kaitlin.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


today was a good day. it a little on the hot side, but i always rather hot than cold. me and my mom are on great terms, and we talked about my boyfriend:) my roommate has been going through hell lately and i just don't know how to help her, she takes it out on me quite often and its aggravating, but i just have to ignore it, because i know her heart is hurt and she's just trying to get by. tonight i get to see my very best friend:) thank god because its been way way too long.
i'm about to decorate my new beautiful house.
until then,
ashley kaitlin.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

story of my life.

today sucked. just like most days. i'm ready to be in the arms of my father again.
there's only two more weeks of school left than i'm almost officially a junior. since school is almost out my classes are getting freakin hard all last minute. it makes me want to shoot myself.
me and my amazing roommates just moved into a beautiful new house, and i absolutely love it, now im just ready to get my puppy back so she can be home with her mommy:)
i recently ran into my x boyfriend at very random places, and of course i fell for him once again. we dated in highschool and we were both stupid and immature, and for me to stay out of trouble i always blamed everything on him so my mom completely hates him. i don't like doing things my mom doesn't like, especially since she is all i have in the parent world. but we were forced to break up in highschool so its like my feelings for him never ended, i just want her to let me make my own mistakes and when and if we break up i'll know that it was because we didn't like each other, not because we were forced too.
i mean we're in college now, we are both very much more mature than we were 2 years ago, and he is not as wild as he was in highschool, and neither am I. my mom just won't even give me the chance, and i don't want to bring it up, because she is stressed out about everything else right now and doesn't have time to worry about me and my pity problems.
anyways besides all of that silly bs my life is amazing. i have the best friends a girl could ask for and an adorable family, i love God with all of my heart and i know that someday i'll be with him and my earth daddy once again.
until then,
ashley kaitlin:)