Sunday, April 11, 2010

TBS quotes

"we're both significan liars. So crush me baby, I'm all ears." -"You Know How I Do"

"I wanna hate you so bad, but I can't stop this anymore than you can." -Bike Scene

"You've got this silly way of keeping me on the edge of my seat. But your only counting the clock against the train and I'm miserable." -Bike Scene

"You've got me right where you want me. Let's never talk about this again, because.. I don't want it to mean that much to me." -Bike Scene

"Why can't i feel anything from anyone other than you?" -cute without the e

"I'm not one for complaining, but I love the way you'd roll excuses off the tip of your tongue as I slowly fall apart." -great romances of the 20th century