Friday, May 15, 2009

summer 3

i get 3 weeks for summer this year because im taking GAY biology classes all summer long.
but at least i get 3 weeks.. i can't complain that much. i went to a rodeo roping last night..
my boyfriend is awesome at everything, he always wins and always looks sexy doing it:)
i got to hang out with all my best friends last night, im so glad we were all together for just a little while. i miss seeing them all the time. my precious little sisters birthday is tomorrow, she will
be 15. geez.. she's getting old, which means im getting older. she's like my world i don't know what i would ever do without her.
anyways, life is perfect right now. i love life when its like this. i wake up to an amazing roommate
and boyfriend, go to work, get home to my beautiful awesome dogs, eat dinner with my boyfriend, and hang out with my friends at night. life doesn't get better.
until than,