Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Blog Swap With Kassi From Truly Lovely!!!

Hey, hey all you lovely Being Grown Up followers!!
Please don't say,
"Oh, it's just a guest blogger... I'm not getting my Ashley fix today..."
then skim over my guest post and move on through your blog roll...
'Cause that would make me SO sad!
I am real excited to be here and so thrilled to meet the lovelies that follow Miss Ashley, 'cause really, SHE'S awesome so you all must be awesome too!!! So please, stay awhile and let's get to know each other! ;)
I am Kassi! A face behind the blog, Truly Lovely!
I say 'A face' because my sister, Kayli is the other face... haha!
I love Miss Ashley and her 'growing up' antics here at Being Grown Up, so I am stoked to be blog swapping with her today!
So a little bit about me... I am WAY too much addicted to blogging and the blogging world... I sell Scentsy... I'm in the process of planning my wedding and purchasing my first house with my mister... My day job is Marketing Director for an accounting software... And I like dots... Alot...
Yep, that's me!
At Truly Lovely, my sister and I...
Mostly I 'cause the sister is in the middle of her senior year of high school... And let's face it... there's some pressing issues she's gotta deal with there... Like what to do after high school!!
But I digress...
Anyway... we post on the lovelies of life! Anything and everything that we happen to think is 'Truly Lovely'! Thus the title!
What we find to be Truly Lovely include crafting projects... Like these super easy, but still super cute Chalkboard Canisters.
Or this sweet Train Case Embellishment!!
Sometimes the things we find to be Truly Lovely are yummy treats like these Mint Oreo Brownies!
And because we like sharing things and meeting new lovelies like YOU... You're apt to get a random post sharing facts about us, giving something lovely away, or sharing our opinions on any random product!
So that's a little bit about us!!
I hope you'll check out our blog and if you like what you see you can get an (almost) daily dose of two fun ladies, Kassi and Kayli, just by clicking follow!
If you're popping over to Being Grown Up from Truly Lovely, I'm sure Miss Ashley would love a new follower too!
And we love you guys, so we know she will!!
Share the comment and following love new friends!!!
Hope to see you around again soon!!!

Isn't she the best!? If you haven't checked out her blog already, go do it!!
Thanks so much for coming and visiting with my crowd today Kassi!!
Hopefully we will be seeing you again SOON:)


AliLilly said...

I so heart Kassi!! BUT she knows this! Thanks for having her over today! :)

To Sew With Love said...

Same her... Like Ami, I so heart Kassi (right, bloggie buddy?) she's one of the most wonderful people I have met here in the blogosphere... I am also glad to have found your blog via hers. So glas you blog swapped so other people would discover other talented bloggers.