Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Shower #1

I have been a bad blogger lately and haven't posted at all this week!!
Sorry guys:(
I started back to school last Friday, and I have been trying to prepare myself for this semester,
and trying to get my nursery finished before my sweet girl comes!!!
My doctor set my C-section date for March 1!!!!
My first babyshower was a week ago, and it was so much fun!
I have this weird anxiety thing, and opening presents in front of people FREAKS me out.
It makes me so nervous, its the silliest thing!
To my advantage God decided to make my babyshower day a snow day!
It started snowing RIGHT when I started opening my presents, so after I would open someone's present they would leave so they could get home before the weather got bad!
This helped so much, Thank You Jesus!

This is my BEAUTIFUL cake that my best friend Christina got from Blue Cake Company in Little Rock, AR. They did such an awesome job! They even made it my favorite.. Italian Cream Cake:):)

Here is my cool diaper cake, Mrs. Mary and Nichole made!!
They did a great job!

This is my best friend Kelsea, she threw the shower!
She is explaining the diaper game haha she smashed 2 different candy bars in the diaper and everyone had to pass it around and guess what the candy bars were!

So this is a little blurry!
But I wanted all the moms to see this! It's a word scramble!!
Try to figure out some of those words, they were SO hard!
This is my beautiful best pregnant friend Kara:) She's due exactly 2 weeks after me!

Can you see what that bib says!? "Star of Mommy's Blog"
How funny is that!?!
Kinsley will definately be wearing that bib alot on this blog!
My next shower is this Saturday at my house so I have to go clean now:(
Hope you guys are having an awesome week!
I promise I'll try not to ever go this long without posting again:)
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