Monday, January 3, 2011

Kinsley's Tree For Nursery

Trying to fill up all the walls in a nursery is hard work!
THINKING of what to put on all these walls is even HARDER work!!
I had my mind set on putting a tree with some birds on it on one of the walls,
but didn't realize how expensive this could be! And I am not experienced enough with my Silhouette machine to make a tree and print it off myself, so we painted one!!
First we had to measure it out, 55x80 is roughly what the dimensions ended up being!
Here's my mom measuring it out:)
She's pretty handy!

Gotta love her hot pink sweats!

Now the painting begins!!
A few weeks ago Home Depot had this AWESOME sale and we got like 20 pints of Martha Stewart paints for $4.95, all different colors! So we used a brown that came in that pack for the tree paint.

Finally my little sister woke up around 2 PM and helped us paint!!
She would sleep all day if we would let her!
But what 16 year old wouldn't??

There's Mom with her thinking face on:)
Behind her you can see the pretty crosses that I spray painted pink a few weeks ago,
I'll do a post about that soon!!

FINALLY 5 hours later our beautiful tree is done!!
Job well done huh?
So then I got on the Silhouette Studio and printed off some birds, owls, and leaves on different colored cardstock! I mix and matched the papers to give all my little animals character!
My first instinct was to modpodge these little creatures onto the wall, then when we actually thought about it a few years down the road when we want to take the things OFF the wall it might be kind of difficult.
So this is what we used:

After I applied this adhesive spray on the back of my creatures I started sticking them in place!
My fingers got super sticky after spraying this stuff so I had to use a ruler to push down the birds so I didn't get them dirty!

How cute is that owl??

Here is what I thought was the finished piece..

Then I thought that my tree needed some more leaves to fill it in!!
And HERE is my finished piece!

I am so very happy with this finished project!!
So this project cost less than $20!! Go us!!

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