Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas at Granka's!

This Christmas everyone on my mom's side decided to go to our Granka's!!
Granka is what we call our grandmother, when the oldest cousin Micah was little he came up with that name and it just kinda stuck with her!! I think he formed it from Grandmother from Arkansas haha.
Well now she lives in Allen, TX, so we had about a 5 hour drive from Arkansas on Christmas Eve.
Our car was packed, it was me, mom, my sister and both of our dogs!!
And we don't have little dogs!
haha the golden-doodle on the left is our puppy Sammy! And the Lab Mix on the Right licking his face is our dog Charlie!!! He's like my other half:) The little malti-pom in the middle is Millie-Mae, she USED to be our dog, but my mom gave her to my Aunt Lori (the lady snoozing on the couch).
Sadly these weren't the only 3 dogs with us this weekend!
My other Aunt Shawn brought her lab, and my Granka has 2 poodles! It was a bit hectic in the house all weekend!!

He loves his little sister Kinsley already!

This is a closer look at crazy Millie!

Sweet Charlie!

This is my cousin Zachary! He is my absolute best friend, we grew up together, more like brother and sisters than cousins.

This is my Aunt Shawn and Uncle Matt!
Aunt Shawn and her husband came down from Katy, TX!!
Their daughter Meagan couldn't come because she had to work:( And their other son Micah couldn't come because he was still in Iraq on Christmas, BUT he made it back to the states safely yesterday!!

This is my beautiful mom:) One of the only things she wanted for Christmas was a bottle of Hello Kitty Wine, and she got it!!

Here's our puppy Sammy, and my Aunts dog Sophie and our pup Charlie!

Isn't she so cute:)

Here's my little sister Abbey and Charlie

And here is the famous Granka!!!!

She might kill me for putting this on here, but this was the only close up I had of her:/ This is my moms other sister Lori!! She lives in Arkansas too:)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Years!!!


Lori said...

What you should have under my pictures is I had 101 fever sick as a dog!!

Shawn Palmer said...

She had "the sickness"