Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mini Window Dividers

I have been trying to come up with something to cover up my windows in my bedroom for weeks now,
and I didn't want to use curtains!
I kinda knew what I wanted to put in them but anytime I tried to explain it to anyone it didn't make any sense!
I finally decided I would just wing this project and see how it turns out!
So where do I end up? Hobby Lobby!!
Here's a preview of my finished project:
Cute Huh!?!

The things I eneded up buying:
Foam Board
Fabric (super cute new Spring fabric is out!!)
Quilt Batting
I first measure my foam board out in 3 pieces, each 10 inches wide! Then I took my cutting knife and tore them apart!
I got out my quilt batting and cut it the same size as the foam board,
then I took my fabric and cut it an inch longer and an inch wider than my foam board!

You can barely see those 3 little holes on the left side of the board,
but I cut 3 wholes into the foam board to later run the ribbon through!

Then I took out my hot glue gun and put glue all over one side of the board and stuck my batting on!

Afterwards I took the fabric and laid it over the batting and flipped the board over.
I put glue on the back of the board and pulled the fabric tightly on each side and stuck it down.

I should have cut the holes in the fabric to match the holes in the board but I didn't, oops!
So I felt for the holes and took my knife and just cut through, and thankfully it worked!!!
I measure out 3 pieces of my ribbon and stuck a piece through each hole!
After I finished the other 2 pieces of board I tied them all together, and set them in my window sill and I think they turned out super great!!

I think I'm going to need to add one more board in so my window is fully covered, but at least now everyone in my house knows that my idea worked and I'm not crazy! I just had a little bit of trouble trying to decide what I was wanting to do! Hahaha!!
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