Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guest Post!!! Making things with Chalk Paint!!

Heyyy followers! I am so happy to have Miss Madigan with us today to show you these awesome Chalk Paint ideas!!! I absolutely love them!!!

Hello Being Grown Up readers!

I am Madigan and I blog over at Madigan Made. I enjoy sharing simple ideas for crafts, recipes and decor with my readers. 
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I was flattered that Ashley asked me to guest post over here. For this post, I wanted to share with you two chalkboard ideas.
I love chalkboard paint!

First, I wanted to show you these little colorful frames. They were a quick project I made for a craft fair I went to last November.

I picked up several small frames on clearance and spray painted the frames in fun colors. Then, I sprayed the glass in each frame with a few coats of chalkboard paint. (Tip: follow the paint directions carefully for curing time and how to 'season' the board with chalk before use.)

The frames felt like they still needed something, so I adhered coordinating paper to the back of flat glass gems (Read this post for tips how). I glued the gems to the corners.

I thought they were kinda cute.  You could display a fun quote or message somewhere (kitchen, bedroom, office etc).  

I also made a large chalkboard for my kitchen in the dining area. I love having a great quote near me while I work in that room.

I change the chalkboard quote (and decorations) out once a month and share it with my readers.


This BIG chalkboard is by far one of my favorite projects from the past year.  If you wanted more details about the chalkboard and monthly changes, read this post.

Thanks so much, Ashley, for the invite to post here!


Isn't she amazing readers?! Those are the cutest ideas ever! I just made some and I plan to post some pictures here soon when my paint finishes drying!!! Be sure to go check out her blog!!
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