Thursday, December 30, 2010

Subway Art

As I was looking at everyone's Top 10 Ideas from 2010 I noticed everyone's Subway Art.
I just think that subway art is the coolest thing, and not very hard at all.
So I decided I would try it out myself!

I picked the canvas up at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off!
As I was looking around Hobby Lobby I saw the scrapbook pages were also 1/2 off so I thought I might try and add some of these into my subway art!
First I painting my canvas chocolate brown,
then I cut the scrapbook pages into a few rows.
I then got out my favorite crafting device...
and modpodged my paper onto my brown canvas!!
As this was drying I started printing out words on my silhouette machine to put on my canvas.
This was actually the hardest part, I couldn't think of words to put on there!
I started off with our families names, then just added words in as they came to my head.
And this is how it all turned out!
It's still a little wet in the picture, but I was super anxious to show everyone my first try at  Subway Art!!!

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