Saturday, December 11, 2010

Decorating the Mantle.. Well Decorating the Window Sill!

Most people this Christmas are decorating their mantles, but I am decorating our window sill!
Our new house doesn't have a mantle in our living room, so I had to improvise a little!
I started making these three little trees:
These trees are so simple to put together!
All you need is a few paper plates, tissue paper, double sided tape, and anything else you have laying around the house that would look good on your tree!
Take one of your paper plates and make a cone. To make the bigger cone, use two of the paper plates and make a cone and stack them together.
You can do a lot of different things with the tissue paper, for my smallest tree I just twisted little pieces of the lime green tissue paper and wrapped it around the tree. 
After I finished these trees I placed them on little candle sticks I got at Dollar Tree!
Turned out very cute!!
Then I started on my mini wreath's.
These were very simple to make!
I bought the wreaths and the ornaments at Hobby Lobby this morning for 1/2 off!
I just wrapped these tiny ornaments on the wreath!
I now had half the window sill down!
For the right side of the window sill, I took 3 of our glasses and just placed 3 ornaments in them!

To make them at different heights I just picked out 2 different sized canned goods in our pantry and wrapped each of them with lime green tissue paper!
Now that both sides are done, I made a big wreath for the middle!
This was also really simple to make!
I bought a wire wreath and wrapped it in hot pink tissue paper.
Then I took some white sparkly tulle and wrapped it around the tissue paper.
I stuck some little green ornaments and shoved them in the tulle.
Then I hot glued the silver ornaments to the tulle.
And lastly I wrapped the whole wreath with hot pink tulle and I was done!
Finished project:
Yayy!! My wanna be mantle is complete:)  

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