Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kinsley's Dresser

They always say "One man's trash is another man's treasure,"
WELL my mom was driving around on a Sunday night a few weeks ago,
and found this dresser on the side of the road.
Just so happens we have been looking for a dresser for my nursery.
After taking off those ugly knobs, and sanding the dresser all we had to do was paint!
We primed it using white spray paint, but then it started getting cold outside so we had to bring our project inside and roll painted the white paint on it!
Luckily Hobby Lobby was having 50% off their knobs:)
We picked out the crystal ones, they matched beautifully! 

And while me and mom were doing some Christmas shopping we found some super cute hotpink and white polka dot wrapping that we thought would look awesome in the drawers!
So I measured the bottoms of the drawers and cute the paper,
and with a little bit of modpodge they turned out perfect!
This is our finished project:

Sweet Kinsley's dresser looks PERFECT in her nursery!
Just a few more weeks and she will get to see it herself:)
Only 8 1/2 more weeks to go until she's here!


Christine said...

nice job on that dresser! congrats on your little girl

Wren said...

ok - i saw your blog while i was looking for craft ideas - i could not believe it - MY DAUGHTERS NAME IS KINSLEY TOO! I have not heard of another one~! Good choice. Where did you hear of it?